I’m a programmer, inventor, artist and musician working and living in San Francisco. In 2010 I co-founded The M Machine, an acclaimed electronic music and media project, and built some really cool things. In 2015 I switched my professional focus to software engineering and am currently working as a software engineer at Google Brain. In a past life I was a neuroscientist, and I’m still deeply fascinated by biosciences, perception, and artificial intelligence.

I’m passionate about bleeding edge technology, and am especially interested in human-machine interaction, programming language design, and creative coding. I believe deeply in building the tools of the future and am inspired by turning imagination into reality.

I love to work with:

▤ node.js | python
▥ react | redux | mobx
▦ mongodb | postgresql | elasticsearch
▧ atom | electron | typescript

I love to play with:

▧ unity | oculus | three.js
▥ juce | c++
▩ ableton | logic
▤ touch designer | max/msp
▨ osc | led | arduino
▧ machine learning | neural networks | AI

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